Jewellery Repair

Our design team have over 35 years of combined experience designing and repairing jewellery and are therefore vastly skilled when it comes to finding solutions to what at first may seem like irreparable damages.


You would be shocked to learn the number customers who have been told by other jewellers that “nothing can be done” for their broken jewellery, yet our expert designers return their jewellery in perfect condition. We investigate every possibility for repair with a winning combination of skill and creativity.

Jewellery Repairs in Glasgow

Our shop is located in Larkhall in South Lanarkshire, which is just 14 miles southeast of Glasgow. You can easily reach us by car or public transport from Glasgow and Edinburgh. Shirley Paris Jewellery is a small, family run business and we are all passionate about what we do. When visiting us you will have a truly unique design experience and will be inspired by the inventive collections we have on display. Get in touch today to learn more about our business and opening times.

Ring Repair

One of the most common jewellery repairs we do at Shirley Paris Jewellery is ring repair. We understand the sentimental significance that rings hold and so we specialise in wedding ring repair and diamond ring repair. Is your broken ring made from gold? Our team are certified goldsmiths offering expert gold ring repair. Regardless the value of your ring, we will repair it with the highest level of care. Visit us today to start your jewellery repair.

Jewellery Repair with Shirley Paris Jewellery

We pride ourselves in offering a premium jewellery repair service that goes above and beyond for every customer. Even if your piece of jewellery is severely damaged, we ask that you allow us the opportunity to salvage it for you. It may be true that extra parts are required for reconstruction, but more often than not we will be able to save it from being thrown away.

Alternatively, we could have your jewellery remodelled into a different type, such as a ring transformed into a necklace. If this is something you are interested in, please visit our Jewellery Remodelling page to learn more about our service.


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