Something for our Lads

June 17, 2022
How many times has the gent in your life said, ‘I’m just not that into jewellery?’

We know how jewellery can make us feel: from comfort in the memories of an inherited ring, to confidence from the chain that completes that look.


Your blog this week showcases four gents who have chosen to have sentimental jewellery remodelled to suit their own unique styles and personalities.

Heavy 9ct Yellow Gold Signet Ring with chamfered edges.
A gold signet ring fashioned from links of a sentimental bracelet, inherited from dear loved ones.
9ct Yellow Gold with ‘SWDB’ & triquetra detail.
Hand engraved and gifted as a 21st birthday present from parents to son, fostering their own family tradition.
9ct Yellow Gold Signet
Sentimental from core to surface: sentimental gold, traditionally hand-engraved with special initials and anchor symbolism.
9ct Yellow, Rose and White Gold Ring with bark texture and diamond
A symphony of mixed metals, designed and handmade by our resident Goldsmith.
Our Remodelling Service provides the opportunity for ladies and gents to design pieces to suit their unique style.
Attending a formal event this year? A pair of hand-made cuff-links are both practical and provide a flair of personality – the ideal adornment to complete that going out, out outfit.
Need something durable for wear daily to suit a hands-on working lifestyle? Consider platinum!
Or, initiate a new family tradition, create a family signet to pass down the generations.
We want you to have your say: what alternative ideas do you have? Let us know at 
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