Six Steps to Remodelling Jewellery

February 9, 2022

Interested in instilling new life into your collection? Look no further. This post contains a handy overview of the remodelling process at Shirley Paris Jewellery.

Our commissions service has been exceptionally popular with new and old clientele alike. To keep you in the know we’ve assembled a guide to answer all your questions about the commissions process.

Step 1: It’s time for something new – assemble.

Remodelling is your opportunity to re-imagine your cherished jewellery: maybe you’re looking for something closer to your taste? Or, you’d like to combine the jewellery of a loved one in their honour. Whatever your reason, you can prepare by assembling the pieces you’d like to contribute, and consider what they could become.

Step 2: Consider your preferences.

We’re all unique – just like our jewellery. Some are fans of natural, flowing lines, others aspire for minimalism. It’s important you take some time before your appointment to consider your design preferences – you don’t need to have everything figured out – that’s our job!

Elements from past creations might just take your fancy: you can check out our Gallery and Instagram to discover what our jewellers have created.

Step 3: Book Your Appointment.

We have plenty of ways to book in – we’re super accessible. You can book in by:
– giving us a call on 01698 768085 or 077877 88070
– filling out an online contact form here or emailing us at
– dropping us a message on Instagram or Facebook
– visiting our store on Union Street, Larkhall. We’re open from 9.30-5 Tuesday-Friday, and 9.30-3 Saturdays.

Step 4: Your Consultation.

On the day of your appointment you’ll have the opportunity to sit across from one of our Jewellers to chat about what you envisage while they sketch to their hearts’ content. This will take around an hour. We hold appointments on Saturdays and can make arrangements for alternative days upon special request. If you choose to proceed you’ll pay a 50% deposit.

Step 5: The Wait.

Shirley and Hannah will craft your treasure using a synthesis of traditional and modern techniques: from torches and tools to CAD. The work benches are just behind the glass screen in our retail shop so your jewellery won’t go far. Your new treasure will be ready between 10 to 12 weeks: all you have to do is sit back, relax and contemplate your new precious delight.

Step 6: Collection.

The exciting part! We’ll give you a call when your expertly crafted jewellery is ready to collect. We’ll make sure it fits comfortably, you’re happy with the design and settle the final balance.

Your Aftercare.

Your experience doesn’t stop there. We encourage you to pop in store every six months for our free aftercare aftercare service, where we check over any stones and deep clean your piece. This is for all jewellery – even if it wasn’t made by us.

Every piece of jewellery has its story: whether it’s your former well worn favourites or loved ones’ heirloom jewellery. By remodelling you can re-imagine and continue its story.

What’re you waiting for? Get in touch.

Written by Meghan Whiteside

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