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August 16, 2018

Your diamond rings- you love them, cherish them, and above all wear them as much as you can -why not? You’ve invested a lot of time (and perhaps money) into searching for them! So now that you have those shiny new pieces of jewellery which you adore, have you thought about how you are going to take care of them? Here are some of our tips on assuring you can wear your rings with confidence for many years to come.

Let’s talk about cars (only for a second!) and compare them to your diamond rings. Throughout your car’s lifetime, it will be serviced every year, you will clean it and maybe have some spare parts replaced. You do all these things to keep your car in good working condition- after all, it’s being used everyday.

Now lets talk about diamond rings, we understand most, if not all our clients, love wearing their rings everyday. Whatever your hands touch, your rings touch- they maybe take more wear and tear than you realise. That is why it is very important to have your rings serviced by a professional goldsmith, so we can keep them in great condition, and allow you to wear them with confidence.

It is very common after a bump or continual wear, for settings to loosen/claws to wear away, causing the diamond to move around or, in worst case scenario, fall out. Here is a diagram of what a worn claw looks like on a ring- notice how the claw is barely covering the diamond. When nothing is covering the diamond, it is at risk of falling out.

So once your ring has taken some wear and tear, what should you do? We recommend to our clients to have their jewellery professionally cleaned and serviced every 6-12 months. This way we can flag up any repair work needing done. During this process, one of our professional goldsmiths will check the security of your diamonds and gems. We will then advise on what work (if any) needs done. We carry out all our repairs in-house, and it takes around 10-14 days to complete.

If your rings don’t require any repair work, we will continue with the cleaning process. The metal is buffed to remove any surface scratches, polished to acheive a high shine, and cleaned using an ultra sonic jewellery cleaning unit. After this your rings will look as good as new.

If you have any queries about our repair service, or are looking for a price, email Hannah at hannah@shirleyparisjewellery.co.uk for more information.

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