Jewellery Remodelling Glasgow

December 18, 2018

Jewellery remodelling Glasgow

Heirloom and older jewellery acquires a new lease of life when remodelled into a brand new, unique design that is customised to your own personal style. We’re experts at creating amazing jewellery designs using existing jewellery that’s already in your possession or has been passed down to you by a family member.

If you’re located in or around the Glasgow area, come along to our retail jewellery outlet to take a look at our entire collection of superb jewellery and get some inspiration for your unique piece of jewellery. Our designers will be more than happy to take a look at your existing jewellery and discuss your remodel requirements in full detail.

Benefits of jewellery remodelling

Lots of people own jewellery items or heirloom jewellery they won’t ever wear. Choosing to remodel these items into bespoke creations is one way to make good use of the precious metals and gems in this jewellery. Our accomplished designers can help you create the unique jewellery you always wanted, using stones and metals sourced from these unwanted items.

Let our expert designers help transform your old jewellery into beautiful one-off creations that won’t be seen on anybody else.

Our designers can use your own jewellery design to craft your bespoke jewellery or make suggestions about how your item can be totally transformed to create the beautiful piece of jewellery you want. We provide unique jewellery designs in contemporary or traditional styles and can work with any kinds of materials.

Younger people with heirloom jewellery that’s been handed down the generations will find our jewellery remodelling helps turn precious stones and metals into contemporary pieces of jewellery that are really representative of modern styles. Our specialists take great care in the separation of materials from existing jewellery and can create the most fantastic designs that will be an exact complement to the lifestyle and personality of the owner.

Don’t leave your heirloom jewellery to collect dust in boxes around the home. Bring your items along to us for a complete remodel. We’re always thrilled to create exclusive, bespoke jewellery from older pieces and craft the perfect jewellery items in the modern designs that are demanded by discerning Glasgow consumers today.

Please come and visit our shop for engagementĀ rings at 32 Union Street, Larkhall, ML9 1DR or call us onĀ 01698 768085

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