Choosing your engagement ring in Hamilton

December 17, 2018
engagement rings hamilton

Choosing your engagement ring in Hamilton

Whether you’re about to surprise the love of your life by popping the question, or are freshly engaged and keen to seal the deal with the perfect piece of jewellery, picking the right engagement ring in Hamilton can feel more than a little daunting.

While the most popular kind of ring remains the solitaire with a round, brilliant-cut diamond, it’s not the only option.


Researching your Hamilton engagement ring

You will need to research cut, clarity, carat and colour – the four C’s of diamond ring buying. You’ll also need to establish a budget for your ring and stick to it. And don’t worry, the myth about needing to spend a month or two’s salary on an engagement ring really is just that, a myth.

Think hard about what your partner already likes to wear – talking to their friends or family on the sly and rifling through their jewellery box if necessary.

But, ultimately, while the 4 C’s and so on are clearly important, remember that your engagement ring is also a highly emotional purchase as well, perhaps one of the most emotional you’ll ever make.

That means that the ring’s design really does need to suit your partner, so that they fall in love with it (as they already have done with you!) and always cherish it throughout the years and decades ahead.

So it may be, for example, that none of the readymade rings you see are quite right. In this case, a bespoke piece is what you need to create something truly unique. We can make bespoke engagement rings Hamilton people love.


How we can help people in Hamilton

If you’re looking for the perfect engagement ring, Hamilton has a number of options. But we supply and design incredible rings and cover the whole area and beyond – our customers often travel quite long distances to visit us!

Equally, we provide unique one-off bespoke solutions, with gorgeous rings that genuinely reflect your loved one’s personality.

Nailing that perfect engagement ring needn’t be arduous. We’re here to talk you through all the various decisions, and can give you as much time as you need.

Talk to us today, visit the website or come and see us and browse our extensive line-up of beautiful engagement rings Hamilton couples are bound to love.

Please come and visit our shop for engagement rings at 32 Union Street, Larkhall, ML9 1DR or call us on 01698 768085

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