Introducing Balance & Movement

December 4, 2021

Introducing Balance and Movement Shirley and Hannah’s brand new collections. For a compendium of curios, their inspirations, and motivations look no further.

In some way, we all strive to find a healthy balance in our lives. Oftentimes a dance between work and leisure, nowadays a mindful and consistent approach to equal measures of work and play is considered key to finding balance – the Middle Way, as the Buddhists would say.


Balance Curve Pendant in Sterling silver and
Balance of Two earrings in Sterling silver


For Shirley Balance is a reflective expression of this endeavour. She has objectified this in a fresh rendition of her iconic abstract style: a suite of open and closed organic shapes in Sterling silver and 9ct gold. 


Heart Balance Pendant in 9ct gold and
Triple Balance Pendant in 9ct gold.


In Shirley’s traditional style, both Sterling silver and 9ct gold have brushed matte faces providing complimentary contrast to the highly polished open shapes.


 Long Balance pendant in Sterling silver and
Long Balance earrings in Sterling silver.


All pieces are available in Sterling silver, with Balance of Two pendant, Triple Balance pendant, and Heart Balance pendant, Single Balance earrings available in 9ct gold.


Single Balance earrings in Sterling silver and Small Balance earrings in Sterling silver


What comes to mind when you think of balance? Who instils balance in your life? Symbolise your love with a piece of Shirley’s new collection here.

Fairy Pools Link is a continuation from her Fairy Pools capsule collection – pendant and earrings adorned with round cut diamonds.

Hannah’s first collection – Movement – can be seen as a symphony of precious Sterling silver and reclaimed 9ct gold -pieces which have been designed to allow for literal movement, allowing it to catch the light when worn.

Fairy Pools Link Pendant in Sterling Silver with 9ct gold links and
Fairy Pools Open 9ct Hoops


For Hannah, motivation for this collection comes from learning the importance of movement, and its role in maintaining wellbeing. In addition, balance is a key component to finding a harmony between play and rest.


Candy Link pendant in Sterling silver and
Candy earrings – also available adorned with diamonds.


She has incorporated movement by including 9ct reclaimed gold links into each piece – allowing your jewellery to flow with you as you move. Shapes of Sterling silver strands draw inspiration from Hannah’s travels across our Highlands and Islands over the years – from sweeping glacial valleys to flowing rivers to Scottish sweet treats – what better place to find artistry than from our native lands. 

Valley Link pendant in Sterling Silver and Valley Link earrings in Sterling silver 9ct hoops.


If you enjoy these shapes, you’ll love the Fairy Pools rings too. This particular piece – set with a trillion cut amethyst is reminiscent of our native thistle flower.

Fairy Pools ring in Sterling silver, set with round cut diamond and amethyst.

All of this collection is available in Sterling silver (with 9ct gold links). All pieces can be made in 9ct gold, and Valley Link pedant, Candy Link pendant are currently available in 9ct gold.

So, what’re you waiting for? Take a look at the full Movement collection here.

Closing Thoughts
Inspired and motivated by home and recent times, the minimal and considered nature of these pieces mean they’re perfect for layering. Just as you can’t have balance without movement – the items of each suite compliment one and other, just as mother and daughter do.

Words by Meghan Whiteside
Images by Malcolm Paris

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